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skirt: thrifted; blouse: thrifted; shoes: thrifted

thrift finds like this skirt and these heels are exactly why i struggle with paying full price for clothing. they may not be one-of-a-kind pieces, but they sure do feel as though they are when i “discover” them on a rack in goodwill as opposed to a rack in a retail store, which is generally filled with identical pieces whose only variation is in size. i long for the thrill of the hunt and the delight in discovery. malls and retail stores just feel too obviously contrived and engineered. i get inexplicably anxious and uncomfortable and overwhelmed in gap, for instance, or banana republic; everything is saying, “choose me” and i begin to mistake what i like with what i’m supposed to like. i relate these feelings in part to my teenage years, going shopping with girlfriends and feeling (self-imposed) exclusion by my inability to purchase the newest threads at american eagle – i’d typically buy something from the sale rack, which wasn’t necessarily my taste but was something i could afford and ultimately led to the wearing of “reject” items from “cool” stores that i felt uncomfortable in (my view of sale items, at least, has since changed). those experiences have contributed to the overall bad taste in my mouth for commercially produced, fast-fashion retail stores. don’t misunderstand me: i do still occasionally peruse and purchase items at such places, though it has to be special. or on sale. or both.


discovering thrift stores and vintage later on in life was like discovering a kind of personal freedom.
earrings: mexico; n.h. necklace: basil the cat


snagged these earrings long ago during a quick trip across the border when my sister and her family lived on the edge of texas and mexico. the necklace i received for christmas when i was living in texas and homesick something awful for new hampshire.


also, this week the weather has been gorgeous. high sixties and seventies all day and night. next week threatens us with snow! mother nature, you teasing hussy.




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