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when we were still in texas, we lived in a small town just outside of austin. we resided in my husband’s grandparents’ house, in an area decidedly suburban. but the center of town had a very different feel; following the train tracks, main street was lined with boutiques and antique shops, a donut palace, and an old-fashioned soda fountain attached to a small-town pharmacy. i frequented the shops in town, and discovered this dress in one of the vintage stores. at the time, i wouldn’t allow myself to buy it, as sweet and cheap as it was. come valentine’s day, however, it was suddenly and happily in my possession!


it really is in perfect condition. and while it borders the adorable in a way that can very easily become sickeningly precious if accessorized the wrong (or right?) way, the buttons, darts and eyelet detail are just too good. it’s also made from a rather heavy linen, so the window of wearability for this dress is tricky. it’s too hot for the summer, and too bulky when layered in excess during the winter. but today was a lovely, ideal fall day for this dress.



since moving, i haven’t really felt homesick for the lone-star state, to be perfectly honest. however, this does have me longing for some of my old thrift and vintage haunts…

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