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this morning, i headed to a flea market, which just happened to be directly across the street from my house in a church basement. i think i came away with some good finds.

paperback of thomas hardy’s the mayor of casterbridge: $0.25
one wall of the basement was lined with boxes and boxes of books. i had to do some digging but finally uncovered this gem. thomas hardy has become one of my most beloved writers and jude the obscure perhaps my favorite novel ever. though quite the celebrity in his time, hardy authored many novels that were heavily criticized, refused publication and even burned, mostly because his characters were allowed to test, defy and question victorian codes of behavior and society without being persecuted by hardy in the process. i have yet to read the mayor of casterbridge, but it is considered one of his best works – now if i can only find the time…

embroidered placemats: $2
when we first moved to pittsburgh, we ate at the dinner table like respectable people every night, mainly because we had a lot to talk about – new school, new jobs, new city. it was my favorite part of the day. now, we usually eat at the coffee table in the living room. due to our conflicting schedules, we don’t eat together much anymore, and dinner time is accompanied by hulu rather than mutual conversation. we may not eat like mature grown ups, but our coffee table is one of the only “grown up” pieces of furniture we have, so when i saw these sweet placemats, i figured if we can’t eat together, we can at least eat in adorable style while protecting the table at the same time!

mug: $0.25
we had to downsize quite a bit when we moved. i was terrified of arriving at our new apartment, which we had yet to see in-person, with too much stuff and having to reluctantly get rid of things we did not want to get rid of. so, while we brought so many clothes that we had to convert the built-in bookcase in the living room into an extended clothes closet, i restricted myself in other areas and only packed four mugs. we have room for more than four mugs. and this little autumnal mug was just begging to be bought and filled with spiced apple cider.

hat box: $3.00
this floral hat box may just be my favorite find of the day. i discovered it tucked away and under a table, in perfect condition. without any attempt on my part to haggle, the woman selling it mischievously said, “they’re selling it for $5, but i’ll give it to you for $3. shhhhhhh.” sold! i drive a silent but hard bargain. later in the day i visited a vintage shop in town. it was filled with lovely and very pricey objects, including towers of hat boxes, and i was very pleased with myself.

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