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after running errands yesterday, i found myself across the street from a little resale store i’ve been meaning to investigate since moving to pittsburgh. my penny-pinching ways have kept me out up until this point, but i smile every time i walk/drive by. it’s called A Child’s Wardrobe and Adults Too, which is (unintentionally) hilarious and awkward. i find the unmarketability of such a title rather endearing, and i’ve been curious about just how much adult “adults too” means. turns out, there is indeed quite a bit more children’s clothing, accessories and toys, but there’s a fair share of adult clothing to peruse. two of the tops i ended up bringing home were unearthed from the dollar bin, including an mtv spring break tank top (which, on any other day, i probably would not have purchased, even for a dollar, except for the fact that i recently discovered that hulu has all 5 seasons of daria, and i may or may not have been spending recent nights absorbed in reminiscing both fondly and bitterly the nineties of my youth).
other thrifted treasures:


those sleeves!


this little velvet number, just in time for fall.


the above two items i procured from goodwill. upon viewing my selections, the kid behind the register said, “oh, wow” and proceeded to give me a dollar off each item. i’m not entirely sure if i should take his rather muted teenage exclamation as sincerity or mockery, but i will (and did) gladly take that price deduction. even if it was out of pity.


that needlepoint has seen better days. a bit dingy, but so sweet. in fact, i generally prefer a little wear and tear to pristine. and i may or may not have let out an involuntary squeal when i found that vintage skirt. too much pastel? probably. do i mind? not really.

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